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Healing Step 4 - The Black Hole:

The Pathway to Healing


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The black hole is death and dissolution,

Entrophy and ecstatic union with emptiness.

The black hole is pain and terror and the darkness of non-being.

The black hole is power, essence and the majesty of God-in-me.

The black hole is energy and creativity centred into a split-second of life giving. The black hole is a teacher:- to fear and yet live; to live and not to fear to die.

On the far side, after the maelstrom,

There is power and purity and the pain of absolute, unselfish love.

Let us not fear the black hole or attempt to understand.

Let us be open to the goodness and the power that can be ours

If we give it way, let it go and surrender to the breath of life that blows in gales from out of it!

Blown by the breath of God that pours from the black hole,

We can live according to the will of the wind;

And in our last hours feel the suction draw us down

Into that place of origin and creation that is the place of dissolution and death.

It is the cloud of unknowing, filled with ageless mystery. It is the gate to paradise.

If we wait in this holy space and listen to the silent and mysterious, loving power within;

Then truly we will have a taste of paradise, this side of death......

Your healing path may have started quickly and then slowed down, or perhaps it has not started yet. Whatever your rate of progress, make sure you don't rush at it, and then have to retrace your steps. Gradually, your Dream of the Womb will come clearer and clearer. Healing will come when you are ready and not before.....

Step 4 - Your Healing Path

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