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Womb Twin Day, December 21st

Why choose December 21st for Womb Twin Day?

1) December 21st is the winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere. 

It is the darkest day of the year, but thereafter the day begins to lengthen towards the coming summer, so it is a time for new hope in the midst of darkness.

2) December 21st is the Christian feast day of St Thomas. (See more here)

These days, his special day is now celebrated on July 3rd, but traditionally it used to be 21st December, so we can reclaim that day for our womb twins. St Thomas was called Didymus, which means "twin". 

The Bible does not mention if he had a living twin, so he may have been a sole surviving twin.  That makes him an excellent patron saint of womb twin survivors!  He is famous for being a doubter and a sceptic, but he learned to believe when he could see with his own eyes. This makes him even more suitable. So much of what we meet in our lives as womb twin survivor is doubted by so many. Gradually, we can help the world to see and understand what being a womb twin means for people.


Why have Womb Twin day?

We need one day in the year when we think especially about our womb twins, and we do so on the same day, to make it more important and memorable, and so we can give support to each other on that day.

Ways to celebrate Womb Twin Day

There are many ways to remember and honour your womb twin. Here are some examples:

* Light a candle for your womb twin in your home

* Send a Chinese lantern into the sky or over water

* Throw some flower petals into a stream or lake

* Make a special image with painting or photography

* Gather a group of womb twin survivors to do something together

Claudia's Womb Twin Day, a few years ago:

"I went to the seaside at 6.30pm, all was quiet and dark, just the moon was shining high up in the sky. I was the only one there, but I didn’t feel alone or afraid, I was very well accompanied with you all… I had my little wooden box in my bag, with the name Mónica written, and with little red rose petals from my garden, the last of them.  They’re very small roses that have flowers all year. I stood there for some time and then I felt a huge love towards that sea, that was rolling the waves gently (that’s not normal for this time of the year), almost inviting me to throw the petals onto the water.  As I threw them into the gentle waves they disappeared immediately, because it was so dark, but I kept feeling the love the water was transmitting, and I knew my little sister was well taken care of."

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