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Other/External Articles

Intrauterine Memories of Twinship Experiences by John A Speyrer




You could be a chimera (Listen to a moment of science)


Twins are chimeras: hermaphrodites, how did it happen?




Medical problems for womb twin survivors


The role of fetal microchimerism in autoimmune disease


Natural history of twin disruption sequence


Selective reduction of a multiple pregnancy and the effect on the survivor


Increase of vanishing twins (fraternal) in IVF


Twins and twinning


Multiple pregnancy a modern epidemic?


Double mystery. (New Yorker 1995)


The death of one twin


The effect on the survivor


Problems when the placenta is shared with the dead twin


The link of IUD of one twin to cerebral palsy in the survivor


Severe anaemia in the surviving twin


The loss of one twin


Was this a fetus in fetu or not?


Fetus papyraceous after pregnancy reduction


Fetus papyraceous in a twin pregnancy


A teratoma



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