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Psychological characteristics

Therapists of various disciplines, both physical and psychological, will inevitably come across womb twin survivors among their clients.

Womb twin survivors make up at least 10% of the population. Their various physical and psychological problems are baffling until the possibility of their being a womb twin survivor is taken into account.

Then all becomes clear and appropriate treatment can be initiated.

Understanding womb twin survivors

* A lifelong sense of something missing

* Fear of rejection

* Not realising one’s potential

* Feeling different from other people

* Searching for something unknown

* Feeling alone, even among friends

* Fear of abandonment

* A problem with anger, too much or too little

* Perpetual feeling of dissatisfaction

* Two very different sides to one’s character

Free e-book


A beginner's guide to the womb twin work

A guide to how therapists can help the sole survivor when a twin dies before birth. Written by Althea Hayton

Available to buy as a hard copy or download free as a pdf. Please note that Womb Twin is not responsible for the sale or delivery of the hard copy.

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