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If you have found the work we do useful we would love to receive a testimonial from you. Contact us with the heading 'Testimonial'. Thank you!

...after a lifetime of living with a yearning void with all its associated feelings - I have only recently found you so am looking forward to discovering more, and learning about the experiences of others and how they echo my own."

"Finding 'Womb Twin' has been the ultimate lightbulb moments for me...

Ron Merison, UK

"Just the information, and the validation that Althea's writings and her book gave me was of tremendous benefit."

"I was told by a shamanic sort that I had been with a male twin in utero, and I felt a strong resonance with that information. My life has been full of trauma and struggle. In researching this on the internet, I came across Althea's writings. She asked me to write my story, which is under the pseudonym 'Dondee' in the book, A Silent Cry. I wrote the story 7 years ago and am happy to report that much progress has been made. I did several years of trauma focused therapy, using the modality EMDR. At some point, this allowed me to consider the possiblility of going back to college. At the age of 59 I started an undergraduate degree at Naropa University in Peace Studies, with a minor in Media. I will continue for a master's in ecopsychology. Just the information, and the validation that Althea's writings and her book gave me was of tremendous benefit. I'm so grateful to have this piece of my personal puzzle."

Jade Beaty, Colorado, USA

"The information I found on the Womb Twin website was transforming for me."

Jen Gardner, UK

"Thanks to all the useful information on the Womb Twin website, I can understand her better and be prepared..."

Monette, UK

"I came across the Womb Twin website recently via the Lone Twin Network website. I am a womb twin survivor and a member of the LTN and now Womb Twin. I lost my twin brother aged 36 hours old in 1944. I did a lot of research around twin bereavement for a BA degree in 1993 because my twin loss affected my life. The information I found on the Womb Twin website was transforming for me. It answered a lot of questions I had about my emotional life. I also realised that I had never said 'goodbye' to my brother. I found his grave in my local cemetery four years ago when my father died and I decided to place his ashes in my brother's grave. I am a Christian and I was able to say 'goodbye' to my brother and ask God for release of my emotional confusion that was explained to me in the book on womb twin healing. I look forward to becoming more acquainted with what I call my authentic self. I am a counsellor and would like to work in this area as I know from my own experience that few counsellors understand the special nature of twin loss, and especially womb twin loss. I should like to do more research into this fascinating study, and to hopefully help others who struggle with the loss of their twin."

"I first came across Womb Twin through my friend. The characteristics described on the website explains why my daughter is acting the way she is. I had my first sonogram two weeks into my pregnancy. It was then that I discovered that I was having twins. Then at two months I had another scan. By then, I had lost one of my twins. It was strange as there were no indications that I had lost one at all. I didn't think much of it or that it would effect my daughter. She is now 13 and I always thought she acted different from the rest of my children. Thanks to all the useful information on the Womb Twin website, I can understand her better and be prepared should she develop any problems in the future."

"[Womb Twin] has a great purpose and will continue to help many"

"It was a miracle...I never thought this could happen to me..."

"It was a miracle, a pure miracle. I never thought this could happen to me. I believed I could never be free.

I met Olga recently through Facebook. I was blessed, as I had recently found out that I was a womb twin survivor.

I am a 62 year old woman who had never heard of the term “womb twin survivor" nor did I have any clue that I was a twin until one year ago.

I had a knowing and a sense of loss, doom and grief but also a sense of a continuous presence. Fortunately, Olga had trained and worked with the founder and author of many books in womb twin survivors, Althea Hayton. Over the past few months I journeyed with Olga as she assisted me in the "letting go" of my twin and allowing the birth of Me to emerge.

Olga works directly with the soul with intelligent simplicity. She moves into the hidden and often dark enmeshment of the womb twin survivor, gently, but with a piercing interior vision, untangling and giving hope to free the imprisoned survivor.

This healing journey which Olga enabled me to walk has helped me stop the endless futile search for myself, to stand alone and redefine who I am without the guilt and irrational burden of the vanished twin.

Olga’s intuitive skills are a gift, she is a healer, who knows what she is doing. I felt safe in her both her abilities and hands. It was evident to me that she had walked her walk and understood the labyrinthine map needed to walk the path to freedom.

I may have some “Work" to do, but have found this journey liberating, healing and if you can say some what miraculous at my age."

Jo W, Ireland

"I located your website this morning as I had a deep revelation that my son's problems may be linked to his disappearing twin. I want to thank you; last night my dear son laid in bed, age 7, and told me (for the first time) that he didn't want to exist.

I believe because of your research and devotion, I will be able to find a path toward his healing. The divine powers are great and bless us so abundantly--your work has been a deep and profound blessing on my life and my child's life today. Thank you for what you have offered here--it has a great purpose and will continue to help many."

E.L, New Jersey, USA

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