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Twenty-five stories selected from the hundreds of personal stories that have been sent to us by womb twin survivors.


More personal stories submitted by survivors to Womb Twin.


A beginner’s guide to the womb twin work. A specific set of therapeutic interventions which are known to be helpful for womb twin survivors.


A workbook for children on the theme of Koko, the imaginary friend. Puzzles, pictures to colour, stick and draw.


A colouring book for young children based on the images in Two Little Birds story book.


A brief overview of some of the principal physical and psychological characteristics of womb twin survivors. This ebook is intended as a first step along the journey that womb twin survivors all must make, towards a full understanding of their pre-birth story.


The stories in this ebook are written by womb twin survivors about their lives as young children (ages 7-12). If you have often wondered whether you are a womb twin survivor or not, these stories can help you to decide.


Helpful advice and information for parents of a womb twin survivor. Plus stories written by parents and womb twin survivors.


This book consists of a series of true stories in 20 chapters, written by womb twin survivors. The stories document the psychological effects that the death of their twin had upon them in their teenage years.


A summary of Althea Hayton's books, "Womb Twin Survivors" and "A Healing Path", including extracts.

28 pages

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