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Healing Step 2 - discover your own Womb Story


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The second step is to try and reconstruct your own womb story. Making your story helps to get everything into perspective, not just the brief life you once had with your twin but how you feel today and what is was like when you were a child. Reading personal accounts of other womb twin survivors will help you to feel normal.

I found out my twin was stillborn when I was 12. I always felt alone/lonely. I am the youngest of 4 children the only girl. I always felt my twin was a girl but was never told anything. My brother has since said it was a boy. I wish I knew. I felt guilty for a long time then I felt I had to fill my life with as much experience as possible. This only served to ruin my life, looking for love and acceptance and making more than double my share of mistakes. I felt my mother had given me two names hyphenated because my twin was a girl. I wish I knew. I dropped the second name as it confused people, then when I found out about my twin it made me feel more guilty.

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