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Womb Twin Kids Aged 0-5 Years


Here are some physical effects, noticeable in very young womb twin survivors:

* Born premature

* Small for dates

* Dermoid cyst

* Teratoma

* Additional fingers and/or toes

Characteristic behaviour often seen among very young womb twin survivors:

* Crying/miserable for long periods and not easily soothed

* Wanting to be held close to someone's body

* Not wanting to be left alone, especially at night

* Often fearful and anxious

* Enhanced capacity to survive medical or surgical interventions (a "survivor")

How parents can support and help their child

* Understand that the loss of a twin before or around birth has a real physical and emotional effect. That means there is a meaning to the signs, symptoms and behaviour that your child may display.

* Be clear in your own head that the lost twin is a real little "person who might have been" and is probably going to be an important person in the life of your little womb twin survivor.

* Notice anything that seems to indicate that your child has a sense of their twin still "with them" in some way. That includes chatting in "baby talk" to someone who isn't there; staring at some area of the room as if "seeing" someone there.

* Provide a surrogate twin in the form of a cuddly toy. A teddy bear is good - one the size of a newborn baby is excellent. If the child becomes fixated on the toy and will not be separated from it, that is proof that a close attachment is needed, so do allow the child to take the toy everywhere and make sure it is never lost!

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