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Surviving the death of my womb twins

by Claudia

This is a report of my own experience of having survived the death of my womb twins. I became aware of the prenatal sensations and perception that I describe here during a body-psychotherapy I did as a part of my new professional training. Although I had no real evidence that we were multiples, this knowledge from my prenatal time has brought me closer to myself, and has added a truly essential positive change in my self knowledge.

I have now a blog [] where I post in Portuguese all kinds of interesting information related to womb twin survivors.


This is a poem written when I was 18 years old:

Sinto que me elevo lentamente

Onde estou não estou também

Estou sempre uns metros mais a cima

Enquanto eu, vazia de alguém

Fico cá em baixo e desespero

Fogem-me as rédeas de quem sou

A de cima voa, observa

Como uma estranha vinda do nada.

A de baixo procura nua e só

Como as ruínas de uma casa abandonada

E eu vou caindo muito fundo

Num vazio escorregadio e irreal

Mas que acaba lá muito longe

É esse Fim a origem desse mal?

I feel as if I'm slowly rising up.

Where I am, I am not as well

I'm always a few meters further up

While, empty of anyone,

I stay here below, in pure despair.

From me escape the reins of who I am;

The one that's above flies, observes,

Like a stranger from nowhere.

The one from below searches naked and alone

Like the walls of an abandoned house in ruins.

And I keep on falling very deeply,

In a slippery and unreal emptiness,

That finishes far, far away

Is that End the origin of this ailment?

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