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I Need To Die


I need to die. I'm such a bad friend, a bad person, I hate myself! I could barely stand going out in public on Sunday, because I came to realise how absolutely ugly I am. Poor mirrors, poor people who have to look at me.

I'm so stupid and confused. My eyes never stop tearing. I have no chance. I'm a horrible friend, horrible. I don't deserve friends, the wonderful people who include me in stuff must be reincarnations of Gandhi to have to put up with ugly, horrible, freakish me.

There are people there, but am I distancing myself from them? Why am I this way, why am I so sad all the time? I have a happy mask, but lately it's been broken, beyond repair, will I ever get it back?

I told my friend part of what was wrong. Am I hallucinating? Am I right? Who's going to be there to answer all these stupid questions I'm asking myself?!

I feel alone even with my friends. I feel like I'm perpetually on the verge of tears. Loneliness and tears can make a person feel in ways they don't normally. I usually try to be a happy person but lately...

Oh well, I should just shut up, there are people with far worse problems than mine.

This was written by someone who posted their thoughts on the Internet, but it speaks for many womb twin survivors. It seems that this person is a womb twin survivor.

If this is how you feel, reading this, you too may be a womb twin survivor. If so, come along and join in with all the other hundreds of womb twin survivors, exploring the issue and supporting each other.

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