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Dear Sweet Sis



You were always there for me my dear Sweet Sis,


So long ago in that vague, warm, safe abyss.


Floating together in our own little world you and I,


Enjoying each others company in a bond that won't die.




I your brother still love you my dear Sweet Sis


Though it has been long since I was in that safe abyss.


There was the bad time when we torn from each other


And I came into the world alone a sisterless brother.




But I still feel your love my dear Sweet Sis,


Sent out across the years from that warm abyss.


Your love is a torch in this beautiful, but scary world I am in


Guiding and protecting me through life's thick and thin.




And all my family and friends are yours too Sweet Sis


Sending their love to you in that warm safe abyss.


They all remind me of your undying love for me


A love that can never die for an eternity.




Then there will be that one day my dear Sweet Sis


When I shall return to that warm safe abyss.


To be as twins again together once more


One becomes two on life's endless shore.



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