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The Search for You, my Twin

You left me to be in this harsh world on my own…

I am angry! So bitter and angry!

We agreed to do it together, but YOU reneged.

You did not discuss with me,

You did not negotiate with me,

You copped out! And literally just left.

You did not give me time to fix things, make things right, work it out.

You just literally up and went.

How do you expect me to do OUR gig, on my own?

How do you expect me to live without you?

Really! You think I can?

How can I!

You took OUR life and you ended it for us both.

I can't live fully without you.

I can't make it on my own.

I am not meant to be on my own!

It is not how it was meant to be!

Come back! Come back!

Every day I wandered the streets looking for you…

Taking myself to places I should never have gone alone,

In search of you and you only.

- I never found you.

Then I started looking for you in people.

In every face, in the sparkle of an eye.

The tone of a voice. In an embrace.

I thought I saw you. Looking back at me, with your loving, loving eyes.

I thought I felt you.

I felt safe again. I felt secure. I felt whole and complete.

But it was not you. And they went on their way.

The pain of it not being you was so immense.

So deep. So raw… and so very very devastating.

I felt like I was dead too. But sadly I was not.

I wanted to die. I wanted to join you. I wanted to go home to you.

It has been so very hard to stay here without you.

I long to be with you.

I long to be known in the way that only you can know me.

I long to be known in the way that only you can know me.

I long to be


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