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We were created TOGETHER,

Shared the same space for eight months.

I'm sorry you only lasted for five.

In the womb, we were as close as two people can be.

Like two peas in the same pod, each half of the other.

Then suddenly you were gone!

I guess God needed you in heaven and you left me - alone.

I have looked for you behind each corner,

Searching for my lost brother.

Missing you day after day, year after long year.

My Michael, my twin.

The whispered softly, family secret.

Sternly hushed, never discussed in my presence.

Cloistered and hidden from the light and truth.

My innocent twin, my Michael,

Transformed into a terrible secret.

I have always known you my dear brother, my soulmate.

I have held you safe and close to my heart,

My personal silver lining around each stormy cloud.

I steal you away in my dreams and in my imaginings.

I remember you ALWAYS, for YOU are the missing part.

My dear brother, the brother of my heart,

I remember you and honour you in all I do,

In all I see and feel, you live on through me.

Michael, you are in the colours of every sunset,

In the quiet of winter's first snow,

In autumn's brilliant glow,

In every rustle of the fallen leaves.

In every summer sun dappled stream,

In every bloom of spring's tender growth.

You are in the smiling face of my giggling babies.

Michael, for better or worse, you live ON in ME !


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