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In Honour of This Special Bond

In honour of this special bond

That we shall always share,

I cast this ring upon the sea

To show how much I care.

If you should fly away today

And take your spirit high

I'll know deep down inside my heart

That to rest our love must lie

You left so long ago my friend

My love, my twin to be

And yet it's just today God gave

Me strength to set you free.

It's time for me to say goodbye

To the memory I hold

To face this life alone at last

I pray God make me bold

To take the gift of life you gave

And make it rightly mine

Fulfil your wish for me to live

My truth that I may shine

Thank you love for lessons taught

And time so brief with thee

I put you now in rightful place

And let us at peace be.

by Kate

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