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For Arthur

It's time to go, love

Here's your coat

Blue velvet trims its sleeves

A white wool scarf

Let's tuck it tight

Against the April breeze

I'll lift you up

Since you can't walk

Your slight weight is no load

We'll climb the hill

And talk awhile

While following the road

I'll whisper

Just how much you're loved

And hold you to my heart

And at the top

We'll lay awhile

Before I make a start

I'll fashion you

A cradle soft

Of red earth, grass and leaves

I'll lay you down

And tuck you in

Before I start to grieve

I'll make sure you

Have all you need

Before I start to weep

I'll ask the seasons

To stand guard

And watch you while you sleep

For you were loved

And you are missed

And now my grief can flow

So here's your coat

My blond-haired boy

For now it's time to go


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