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When a twin dies before birth

"The information I found on the Womb Twin website was transformational for me." - Jen Gardner, UK

This website is the home of womb twin, for survivors of prenatal twin loss anywhere in the world.

Womb twin survivors are the sole survivors of a twin or multiple pregnancy. At least 1 person in 10 lost a twin in utero* but most people do not realise this has happened to them. However, now we know the physical and psychological signs. This means, even if you don't know if you lost a twin (or more than one) in utero, you can now make an educated guess.


When a co-twin has died in utero, the sole survivor as a child or adult needs relevant information and understanding to help them recognise the patterns, process the loss(es) and begin their own unique healing journey towards wholeness.


On this website, you will find plenty of high quality, well-researched information about prenatal twin loss for womb twin survivors, their families and interested professionals who want to deepen their healing and therapy practice.


Does the information on this website describe your story? If not, it is possible that you may have experienced another kind of prenatal or perinatal experience. Contact us, or attend one of our free monthly Open Sessions to find our more.



our community

We are the voice of womb twin survivors around the world, dedicated to providing information and support** to womb twin survivors everywhere.

We also provide information for families and medical professionals, therapists and anyone interested in pre- and perinatal psychology.


about prenatal twin loss and womb twin survivors

An ultrasound image of a 10-week twin pregnancy. The lower sac contains a live fetus but the fetus in the upper sac has died. The sole survivor needs information and advice.



with others who have similar stories to your own

The world is now beginning to understand the relevance, depth, and healing power of understanding prenatal twin loss...


You are not alone, and we are learning more all the time.

* Reference: [link to original article] Charles E. Boklage Ph.D (1995) Frequency and Survival Probability Of Natural Twin Conceptions. Chaper 4 in Keith, L.G., Papiernik, E., Keith, D.M. and Luke, B. (eds) (1995) Multiple Pregnancy: Epidemiology, Gestation and Perinatal Outcome. New York: Parthenon. Boklage has found that for every pair of twins born with both alive, there are at least ten pregnancies where one twin dies. As twins make up about 1% of the population, that means that 1 in every 10 people is a womb twin survivor.

**Please note - we do not provide a medical professional service. Please refer to your doctor for medical advice.

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