Here on these pages is everything you ever needed to know about womb twin survivors. This group, 1 in 10 of the population, includes survivors of a stillbirth, miscarriage, abortion and a "vanishing twin" pregnancy.(*)


We know that for every set of twins born, there are at least ten womb twin survivors. That means that many millions of people throughout the world are womb twin survivors, but most of them have no idea that they are. At least one may be in your family. In fact, the womb twin survivor in the family may be you!


The womb twin survivors project extends to the parents of the survivor and also to their siblings. It also includes a multiple pregnancy which resulted in the birth of twins or more, but during which one or more of the babies died before or around birth.


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Starting with a few tentative ideas in 2003, Althea Hayton gathered characteristic statements from thousands of womb twin survivors across the world. In 2007 the questionnaire had reached the stage where some statistical study could begin. Since then over 1000 responses have been gathered from individuals with definite proof that their twin once existed. These responses have been professionally analysed twice and the results are now published in book form.



Healing                                                      More...


Womb twin survivors spend their lives constantly re-enacting the life and death of their womb twin, in a variety of subtle ways.  Healing is essentially a process of recognising how those works in practice. The process takes four stages: recognising that you are a womb twin survivor; working out intuitively what your personal womb story probably was; learning more and more about the intricacies of twinning and making a start along the 30-step healing path. 



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A vast quantity of information has been gathered over a decade from emails, face to face contact, the questionnaire responses and many hundreds of stories written by womb twin survivors. Althea Hayton now has five books for womb twin survivors, published by Althea Hayton via Wren Publications.



E-books                                                         More....


Because some people find books difficult to purchase or to read, there are several e-books available, some of them free of charge.  They are all in PDF format and can be printed out. They do not require any kind of special equipment to view.



Articles                                                          More....


Some articles have been published in professional journals, and some of these are available in full on this site. There are other articles, written by Althea Hayton and other womb twin survivors, on various topics of relevance to womb twin survivors. Some of Althea Hayton's articles can be read online or downloaded as free PDF documents.



Stories                                                             More....                              

Womb twin survivors have a fascinating story to tell and this has always been encouraged. The stories that have been sent to Althea for publication are available to read, and demonstrate the wide range of experiences that womb twin survivors have as they try to live out their Dream of  the Womb.



Poetry                                                                More....


As a poet herself, Althea recognises the importance of poetry as a way to express deep feelings. She has encouraged poets to send her their work. The poetry that has been sent to her, plus recordings of some of her own work, can be found on this site.



Movies                                                                 More....


To appeal to the widest range of individuals, Althea has created movies, explaining the various aspects of her research into womb twin survivors ad telling some of the stories. These are available on this site via You Tube.


Womb Twin                                                           More....


Womb Twin, an association formerly a non-profit organisation founded by Althea in 2007, is the voice of womb twin survivors around the world. They provide all kinds of information and support for womb twin survivors everywhere. Now that Althea has been forced to retire from this work because of increasing ill-health, Womb Twin will carry this work far into the future!


* Reference: [link to original article] Charles E. Boklage Ph.D (1995) Frequency and Survival Probability Of Natural Twin Conceptions. Chaper 4 in Keith, L.G., Papiernik, E., Keith, D.M. and Luke, B. (eds) (1995) Multiple Pregnancy: Epidemiology, Gestation and Perinatal Outcome. New York: Parthenon.


Everything you ever needed to know about womb twin survivors. Womb twin survivors are the sole survivors of a twin or multiple pregnancy. This group, 1 in 10 of the population, includes survivors of a stillbirth, miscarriage, abortion and a "vanishing twin" pregnancy. It is a story of a twin bond broken by death, leaving a lonely survivor. Follow the links on this site and learn all about it!

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A twin pregnancy of about 10 weeks. The lower sac contains a live fetus but the fetus in the upper sac has died.  The sense of Something or Someone being there for a while but now gone missing, will remain somewhere in the back of the mind of the sole survivor - the womb twin survivor.


This project, started by Althea Hayton in 2003, is the first project of its kind to explore in depth the psychological impact on the sole survivor when a co-twin dies during pregnancy or close to birth.


It would seem impossible that such an early event could leave an impression - but we now know it is true. So if you have always had a sense of being a twin, you are probably right, and above all, you are not crazy!

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