A twin pregnancy of about 10 weeks. The lower sac contains a live fetus but the fetus in the upper sac has died.  The sense of Something or Someone being there for a while but now gone missing, will remain somewhere in the back of the mind of the sole survivor - the womb twin survivor.


This project, started by Althea Hayton in 2003, is the first project of its kind to explore in depth the psychological impact on the sole survivor when a co-twin dies during pregnancy or close to birth.


It would seem impossible that such an early event could leave an impression - but we now know it is true. So if you have always had a sense of being a twin, you are probably right, and above all, you are not crazy!

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The Womb Twin Survivors Project pages are now maintained and administered by Womb Twin.  

We are unable to provide personal support if any of these issues apply to you

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Now you have arrived at this site, it may seem to be a bit confusing at first - so many pages and so much information!


So here is some advice:


1. Gather as much information as you can about twin or multiple pregnancies and womb twin survivors.  Visit these pages:

2. See what you can work out about your own womb story - you may already have full details, otherwise you will have to use your intuition as you explore the information. (It may help you to know that almost invariably, there is an attraction towards the same scenario that you experienced.) Visit these pages:

The Womb Twin stories page



The longer stories gathered during the womb twin survivors research project



Download a PDF e-book - "Could YOU be a womb twin survivor?



Watch a movie - Are you a womb twin survivor?

3. Soon you will be ready to walk the healing path.


           Start your journey today!

Everything you ever needed to know about womb twin survivors. Womb twin survivors are the sole survivors of a twin or multiple pregnancy. This group, 1 in 10 of the population, includes survivors of a stillbirth, miscarriage, abortion and a "vanishing twin" pregnancy. It is a story of a twin bond broken by death, leaving a lonely survivor. Follow the links on this site and learn all about it!


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