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Professional Associates


Maria Kliavkoff


Maria was honoured to become Canada's Womb Twin representative in 2019. She is a womb twin survivor with an expertise in death and grief studies. Maria is an author, keynote speaker, webinar coach, and workshop facilitator. She is committed to working with those who are suffering with buried and carried grief and those who have struggled with a life pattern of grief avoidant behaviour. Maria has been particularly dedicated to working with womb twin survivors and their very unique form of grief. By teaching healthy mourning and catch-up  mourning as a pathway to happy living and joyful loving, Maria assists her womb twin survivor clients in doing the work they need to do to reclaim their connection to their sibling(s) and to claim ease and joy in their lives.

Maria is currently writing a book for womb twin survivors called "Companioning Womb Twin Survivors". She invites you to join her in her free facebook group,


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Olga Waters


Olga Waters has been a member of Womb Twin since 2009, and has facilitated the Healing Path Ritual at the annual Womb Twin conference in London in 2011. She founded the Womb Twin Dublin Survivors Facebook page in 2013. In 2014 Olga became our Ireland representative, additionally offering free professional development for therapists new to this field. In that same year and in 2015 she organised the Womb Twin conference in Dublin, the proceeds of which went to the Womb Twin organisation.


In 2018 she became the administrator for the Womb Twin Facebook page.

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Olga facilitates Womb Twin workshops and is a life coach. She also facilitates family constellations using dolls which is a very powerful way of working with womb twin survivors. Olga’s interests are theatre, music, and travel. Olga is also a womb twin one of three (triplets) a co – joined sister (Amy) & brother (Rory) a pair and a spare. Olga’s Son is a womb twin.


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Annika Spanggaard


Annika became Denmark's Womb Twin representative in 2019. She is a triplet survivor and has a MSc in Rehabilitation. Annika uses functional neurology, psychomotor therapy, physiotherapy, osteopathic and craniosacral techniques in her manual sessions. She has a holistic body approach, since prenatal traumas such as the vanishing twin syndrome are preverbal and therefore, memories may be reactivated through the means of the body.


Prior to becoming a representative, Annika worked and is still working in close collaboration with Monica Hudson who founded Twindividual.

Having an international background, Annika can work with clients in Danish, French and English, also via Skype.


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Whatever stage you are at with your womb twin journey our professional associates will be happy to guide you*


Aranka Reeuwijk


Aranka became a Womb Twin representative in 2019. She has been working since 2013 with womb twin survivors for the entire Benelux. She is an expert and knows how to recognise the different dynamics that are so characteristic for WTS. She was once stuck in the 'dream of the womb', recognised all the characteristics and also knows what a challenge it is to get out of it. Aranka had a twin brother.


In her daily work she works through individual sessions with womb twin survivors. She uses, for example, constellations, visualisations and aromatherapy. She also gives workshops (one or more days) especially for womb twin survivors.

In 2020, she and her colleague will start an education for Dutch therapists where they learn to understand and guide womb twin survivors better in their process.


As president of the Dutch foundation for Alone-born Twins (Stichting ATN), Aranka has the mission to raise awareness of this phenomenon among therapists and doctors so that it will be seen as a serious syndrome.

In the coming years, the foundation will start research at European level together with other Womb Twin representatives.


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Please note that guidance from our professional associates is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It is not a substitute for a medical exam, nor does it replace the need for services provided by medical professionals. Always seek the advice of your medical professional before making any changes to your treatment. Any medical questions should be directed to your personal doctor.

29th March 2020


Monica Hudson, our US representative of 11 years, is moving on to pursue new projects. We thank her for her dedication and tremendous contribution she has made in the womb twin community. We wish her good luck for the future! You can follow her work and developments on