The Organisation Ltd (Womb Twin) was founded in 2007 by Althea Hayton as a company limited by guarantee with members.  Althea was the Chairman of the Company (retired April 2014), working with the Board of Directors. In 2014 Celeste Hardingham took over as Chairman of the Company.


Althea started the Womb Twin Survivors Research Project in 2002, using an extensive online questionnaire to gather data about the behaviour, feelings and beliefs of womb twin survivors.


In Autumn 2016 the Womb Twin company was dissolved. Celeste Hardingham has since relinquished her role as Chairman and remains in a purely voluntary capacity as administrator of the website for the time being.


"It has been a great pleasure and privilege to work with womb twin survivors and hear their stories. Thanks to their generosity in sharing their inner lives with me, the Womb Twin Research Project has unearthed some useful new knowledge about the special psychology of womb twin survivors. I have now retired from working with Womb Twin but I hope that, over the years to come, it will grow from strength to strength."

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Althea  founded Womb Twin in 2007. She has published four books about womb twin survivors since 2007.


Sadly, Althea passed away peacefully on 13th August 2014. Her work continues.


sandy walkington


Sandy Walkington is the Honorary Patron of Womb Twin.  A lawyer by qualification, he has been a high profile campaigner, a vigorous Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate, a councillor, a senior business manager in oil, telecommunications and public transport, and is actively involved in a number of charities as well as being an in-demand public speaker.  He has longstanding and close ties to St Albans where Womb Twin is based.

"I myself am a twin with a sister who preceded me into this world by an hour - and rather unusually my mother had twin sisters.  I cannot imagine what it must be like if your life begins wrapped up in someone else and then suddenly nothing."


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