Support Groups

Womb twin survivors often feel alone and isolated. Not being taken seriously, not feeling understood and feeling different all contribute to that sense of isolation and alone-ness. Well, thanks to Womb Twin, you are no longer alone!

An important stage of healing is to come out in the open about the fact that you are a womb twin survivor. This is often very difficult among family and friends, but in a group of womb twin survivors, where everyone immediately understands, it is much easier.

Face to face meetings

If you would like to meet other womb twin survivors face to face, you can join our google group and express your interest. Just state the area and country where you live and if another member lives nearby and is interested you can be contacted via the group.

Join our Womb Twin Google group*

*You need a gmail address to join

Womb Twin Group Chat (on Zoom)

Every Wednesday Olga Waters and other Womb Twin members hold a safe space for womb twin survivors to connect.

Whether you are new to these ideas or further along on your healing journey, you are welcome to join.

Our chats are not recorded so everything you say is confidential.

By joining the Chat, you are agreeing to be supportive, non-judgemental and that the information shared during the session remains confidential. We advise you not to take notes and to stay fully present. If possible please remain for the whole duration of the session. For a better chat experience please mute your microphone when you are not talking and raise your hand when you would like to contribute to the group discussion. And, again, we ask you not to record these sessions.

Chats are FREE (please make a donation after a meeting or monthly to support our work).

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!

See our Facebook page for the latest date, time and Zoom link details

Unless otherwise advertised on facebook, the Zoom link to use is:

Click here to see the list and resources on topics that have come up in our chats

Womb Twin Family Chat Group (on Zoom)

The Womb Twin Family Chat Group is a space created to bring together Womb Twin Survivors (WTS) and/or their family members so we can explore and discuss the unique needs and experiences of someone who is a WTS.  The intention of the group is to open avenues of dialogue to support mutual understanding.  Group agreements are in place to ensure a safe and comfortable space for all.  Agreements include 1) Confidentiality, 2) Respect in both speaking and listening, 3) "I speak" to ensure we always speak from our personal experience with no generalities or advice giving. We invite you to join the chat and bring your thoughts, questions and  insight into the conversation circle. 

We meet via zoom for 1 hour on Fridays: 9am PT, 10am MT, 11am CT, 12noon ET, 5pm BST, 6pm CET

When joining one of our support groups, whether the administrator makes it a private or public group, please be respectful of privacy. It is a place to share experiences, support each other and exchange information. There is no place for judgement and meetings and matters discussed are strictly not recorded by the facilitator or anyone else.

Other Facebook support groups (note: these groups not administered by Womb Twin)

Vanishing Twin Syndrome (Public)

Vanishing Twins Support (Private)

Twinless Twins Support Group International (Private)

Womb Twin Survivors Australia (Private - An international information and support group)

Alleengeboren tweelingen en meerlingen Facebook group (Private - Dutch support group)

Twindividual Danmark/Womb Twin Survivors in Denmark (Private - Danish support group)

Parents of Vanishing Twins (Private)

Healthy Mourning for Womb Twin Survivors (Private)