Womb Twin survivors often feel alone and isolated.  Not being taken seriously, not feeling understood and feeling different all contribute to that sense of isolation and alone-ness.  Well, thanks to Womb Twin, you are no longer alone!


An important stage of healing is to come out in the open about the fact that you are a womb twin survivor.  This is often very difficult among family and friends, but in a group of womb twin survivors, where everyone immediately understands, it is much easier.


If you would like to meet other womb twin survivors face to face, you can join our google group and express your interest. Just state the area and country where you live and if another member lives nearby and is interested you can be contacted via the group.

Face to face meetings

Meeting through the Internet

With the help of social media, forums and blogs, you can reach out to womb twin survivors everywhere in the world. Many thousands of womb twin survivors have already been in touch with us in various ways, and there are many more to come - invariably, every one is delighted to be in a place where at last they are understood.

Ways to reach out to other womb twin survivors


Join our Womb Twin forum

Join or create a Meet Up group near you

Join or create a Facebook group

The institute for pre and perinatal education

Find professional help

The Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health Facebook page for pre and perinatal psychologists International institute for pre and perinatal studies Links to therapists working in the USA British Association of counseliing and psychotherapy Family constellation therapists in Europe The crucible centre, Australia Search this site facebookiconsmal Twitter utube blogger WT image larger  4-2014 GG images Facebook square blue large

When joining a support group, whether the administrator has set it up as a private or public group, please be respectful of this. It is a place to share experiences, support each other and exchange information. There is no place for judgement.