Four Healing steps

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Womb twin survivors spend their lives constantly re-enacting the life and death of their womb twin, in a variety of subtle ways. Healing is essentially a process of recognising how those works in practice. The process takes four stages: recognising that you are a womb twin survivor; working out intuitively what your personal womb story probably was; learning more and more about the intricacies of twinning and making a start along the 30-step healing path.

STEP 1. Decide

The first step to healing is to decide whether or not you are a womb twin survivor, and if so, what happened exactly. There is a great deal of information out there about the death of a twin around birth or before. Begin your search today! This site is filled with good quality information, so it may be a good place to start.

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1. All my life I have felt as if something is missing

2. I fear rejection

3. I know I am not realizing my true potential

4. I feel different from other people

5. I have been searching for something all my life but I don’t know what it is

6. Deep down, I feel alone, even when I am among friends

7. I fear abandonment

8. I have a problem with anger, there is too much or too little

9. I always feel in some way unsatisfied, but I don't know why

10. There are two very different sides to my character

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