If you feel that joining as a member is not for you at this moment time, you can become an associate to support our cause, free of charge.


What does it mean to be an associate of Womb Twin?


 * Show support for our work

 * Demonstrate solidarity with other womb twin survivors around the world

 * Be part of a worldwide fraternity of womb twin survivors

 * Receive our monthly e-mail newsletter

 * Keep in touch with developments

The Womb Twin Kids project is supported by Womb Twin. Ltd (Womb Twin) is a Company Limited by Guarantee incorporated in 2007 under the 1985 Companies Act. Registered in England and Wales (Company No. 6317497).  Registered address: Fenlon & Co. 6 High Street, Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire AL4 8AA

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How to become a Womb Twin Associate


This is free of charge and open to anyone in the world over 18 years old.


The fact that so many people have become Womb Twin associates, is helping the company to demonstrate the extent of world-wide interest in this project. We are very grateful to our increasing band of associates for that.


Your association with Womb Twin will continue indefinitely until terminated by you, or by the disbanding of the entire Womb Twin company, whichever is the earlier.


Being an Associate


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Remember - you are not alone!

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