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Whether you are a womb twin survivor or think that you could be one, our experts will be able to help you.

Our experts

Olga Waters has been a member of Womb Twin since 2009, and has facilitated the Healing Path Ritual at the annual Womb Twin Conference in London in 2011. She founded the Womb Twin Dublin Survivors Facebook page in 2013. In 2014 Olga organised Womb Twin Dublin Conference, the proceeds of which went to the Womb Twin organisation. Olga facilitates Womb Twin Workshops and is a Life Coach. She integrates both modalities together in her work. Olga’s interests are Theatre, Music, and Travel. Olga is also a Womb Twin one of three (Triplets) a co – joined Sister (Amy) & Brother (Rory) a Pair and a Spare. Olga’s Son is a Womb Twin.


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Olga Waters (Dublin)

Monica pic

Monica Hudson (USA)

In 2009 Monica began organising healing workshops in NYC with Althea Hayton and became the US representative for Womb Twin.

She launched her healing practice, Twindividual, in 2011 with impressive results.  Although she mainly works with Womb Twin Survivors, she also works successfully with Twinless Twins who lost their Twin early/mid/late in life, as well as Living Twins whose relationships contain imprints from the shared womb experience.


She recently developed a new technique using Float Pods leading womb regressions for clients that float peacefully in a womb-like saltwater pod from Brooklyn.


Monica is a Twinless Twin and Womb Twin Survivor quadruplet. Her background in transformational psychology, art therapy and energy healing combined with her ability to intuit and guide each unique process, local or long distance, are her true gifts.


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